2012 Maya Message

Mayan prophecies tell us that these are the times for the secrets held or hidden to be revealed for all of humanity.
We Are One Foundation with the Association Movimiento Nacional Ukux Mayab Tinamit Corazone del Pueblo Maya had the opportunity to meet with, record and film Rioberta Menchu Tum, Nobel Peace Prize winner and the Maya Spiritual leaders from Guatemala, Juana Vasquez Arcon and Mateo Federico Castillo who share the Maya Cosmovision including information about 2012 (the end of the 5200 year calendar) and ancient Mayan teachings.
2012 MAYA Message… Is 2012 the end of the world or the beginning?
We have heard from Hollywood and all the so called experts...How about the living Maya?

Experience the MAYA in Guatemala as they share ancient teachings to help create harmony and balance in the world now and beyond 2012
, information that is pertinent for today.
The Maya have a way of honoring the circle of life and death, beginnings and endings in all of nature including plants, animals, and fellow human beings including all our ancestors.



Information about Juana Vasquez Arcon
Name: Juana Vasquez Arcon
Born in Aldea Rio Blanco, Sacapulas, Quiche
Linguistic community: Maya Sakapulteka
Age: 62 years



Urban Primary School Teacher
Courses in Liberation Theology
Courses about Mayan Culture and Cosmovision

Work Experience

Teacher and Director of Primary Education at La Escuela Paroquial de Chiantla from 1972-1975
Director of Basic Education in Chiantla, Huehuetenango, from 1976-1977
Community Education in Zunil, Quetazaltenango, from 1978-1980
Training to care for the Mayan culture and citizen’s rights during the civil war in the mountains from 1981-1983.
Member of the citizen’s organization of the National Advisory for Mayan Education CNEM from 2001 to 2005. Leader of the organization from 2002 to May 2004.
Leader of the Foundation of the Mayan University from 2006 until present.

International Events

12 city tour of Europe in 1986 to make people aware of the indigenous peasant movement.
Responsible for the operations of the Continental Campaign of 500 years.
Organization of the Continental 500 years of Indigenous Resistance.

Spiritual Experience

Founding member of the National Association Movement UK’u’x’Mayab’ Tinamit, May 17, 1991.
Aj Q’ij, Master Mayan Spiritual guide
Management of the Sun and Moon Calendars
Taught courses on the Mayan Philosophy and Cosmovision, Citizen Participation, Economics, Caring for Nature, Conflict Resolution, Focus on Gender.
Community Organizing 1993 through 2007.
Conducting Mayan Ceremonies to balance people’s energies and to make offerings to the ancestors and to the Creator.
Development of new Spiritual Leaders
Headed spiritual events, courses, seminars, gatherings, congresses, summits.

Present Responsibilities

Founder and Executive Director of the Uk’u”x Mayab’ Tinamit Association
Executive Member of the National Advisory of Mayan Education CNEM
Head of the Mayan University Foundation
Advisor to the Rigoberta Menchu Tum Foundation
Member of the Political Association of Mayan Women MOLOJ
Member of the National Commission for the Reconstruction and Development of Indigenous Guatamalans FODIGUA
Executive Commission of the Political Movement Winaq 2007

About Mateo Federico Castillo Silvestre

Name: Mateo Federico Castillo Silvestre
Born in: Memon, Huchuetenango
Pertains to the Linguistic Community of: Maya Chuj
Age: 62 years


Literacy in the 70’s
Took a course in Topography, and worked in a Cooperative, “Resurrection,” from 1975-1979.
Participated in workshops about Mayan philosophy and Cosmovision in the 90’s.

Work Experience

Participated in the municipal authority in 1960
Gave classes on Cooperativism from 1975 through 1976
Was President of the “Resurrection” Cooperative , Ixcan Grande, Quiche from 1976-1977.
Responsible for the Cooperative Stores en Ixcan, Huchuetenango and the International Airport La Aurora, in Guatemala from 1977-1978.
Founding member of the Community Committees of the People in Resistance CPR in 1982 that were active during the civil war in Guatemala.

International Events

12 city tour of Europe in 1986 to make people aware of the Cooperatives and Communities that were in Resistance, CPR
Responsible for Coordinating and Articulating the Continental Campaign of 500 years in the 7 countries of Central America, 1990-1991.

Spiritual Experience

Founding member of The National Association Movement Uk’u’x’Mayab’ Tinamit, 1991.
AjQ’ij Master Mayan Spiritual Guide
Management of the Sun and Moon Calendar
Taught courses about the Mayan Philosophy and Cosmovision, Citizen participation, Economics, Caring for Nature, Conflict Resolution, Focus on Gender
Community Organizing 1993-2007.
Conducting Mayan Ceremonies to balance people’s energies and to make offerings to the ancestors and to the Creator.
Development of new Spiritual Leaders.
Headed spiritual events, courses, seminars, gatherings, congresses, summits.




For the year 2012, we see the National Association Movement as a model for how to live in balance with nature and all of natural creation. The Mayan Cosmovision guides us in ending poverty, keeping the promise to provide necessary human services to the people, providing technical and scientific development that is in alignment with nature, maintaining cultural identity for the people of Guatemala, and eliminating the practice of exclusion and the ways it can be manifest.


We are an organization that works to improve the quality of life for our communities, both in the local and national arenas. We focus on economic, social, political, environmental and civic concerns..

We propose to educate the communities at the national level, from the perspective of the Mayan Cosmovision. We emphasize the principles and values of respect, honesty, sincerity, responsibility, citizen participation, service to others, solidarity, unity, legitimacy and trust. This is the foundation for transforming one’s feelings and attitudes and creating a model that is exemplary to live by..

The values and principles at the heart of our work are based on the Mayan Cosmovision, which we dedicate our lives to.


1. Guarantee and strengthen the Community Organization to actively participate in social, economic, political and cultural aspects of life, in the present and in the future.

2. Strengthen the Mayan identity, fundamental in the spirituality, as a strong force in building a life of peace for our people in the linguistic communities where Uk’u’x Mayab’ exists.

3. Obtain the principal bases for the sustainability of the Community Association.

4. Consolidate the active participation of women, young people, elders and the general population to generate and develop a people’s participatory movement.

5. Contribute to reconciliation by bringing forth a process of justice and peace that uses the methodology for Conflict Resolution from the Mayan Cosmovision.

6. Coordinate general and specific operations with diverse organizations, Mayan and non-Mayan to establish the foundation for an alternative movement that guarantees the transformation of the current conditions of poverty and exclusion.

7. Focus our efforts to strengthen Mother Earth using alternative resources and conscious care and use of nature.


Feathered Serpent of Quetzalcoaltl


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